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 I delight in creating unique botanical photographs that are often difficult to distinguish from watercolour paintings.  I am particularly enthusiastic about the Australian native flora in this series.  My technique is simple, appreciating the distinctive qualities and shapes of my organic subjects conveying both recognition and a touch of mystery. 

I like to think of my work in my Enigmatic Botanical Series, as a contemporary interpretation of some of the exquisite art of the first botanical artists illustrating Australian flora.  Their lovely and painstaking depictions were high realism records for communicating the living wonders they saw here, to the rest of the world.

In my photography I aim for the same clarity and detail, with some deliberate lack of definition in certain areas to present a dreamy, beautiful representation of my subjects.  I do not use Photoshop or other such programs.   I use simple, powerful illumination on a specially designed stand and no background distractions.

Those familiar with these flowers will appreciate the detail in my photographs, while those not familiar, will, I hope, be amazed at their exceptional shapes, patterns and colours. 

My frog photographs are a love story.  These noisy little Australians fill my pond and garden like   tiny jewels.  I so enjoy coming across their sun basking spots in the daytime and hearing their calls after dark.  I am fortunate as they often allow me some precious time as I approach with my camera.  The macro lens must seem like an enormous black eye gazing fixedly at them.  I try to capture their charm quickly and yet with stealth, before they move off to a more private spot.  I pay tribute to them in the name of my website;

 A Canadian living in Australia for over two decades, I enjoy nothing more than venturing into the wild beauty of my adopted homeland to photograph its most intriguing and sublime aspects.  

When I am closer to home in the eastern suburbs of Perth, I meet many neighbours by knocking on their doors to ask if I may cut some flowers they have in their gardens.  Every time, I am welcomed and given generous samples.  Without fail the people I have asked respond warmly, supplying me with the best of their own dedicated work.  It is rewarding to return and gift them a photograph of those very same flowers as thanks.

After more than twenty years, I do not find this country to be any less fascinating than when I arrived.  People often ask me if I miss Canada.  Of course I do.  However, if I were to return there, I would miss Australia far more.  I hope I have been able to convey some of the wonder and beauty of life in this country through my photographs.

Almost all photos on our Events, Our Premises and Home pages are courtesy of Maureen Malone. 


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