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Birds in the Clouds -acrylic on canvas 102 x 102sm.jpg
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Bold Park Burning - acrylic on canvas 102x 102cm.JPG
james-taylor-elizabeth-beauty of fractals01.jpg


Painter, Basket Weaver

I am inspired by our natural environment whose beauty and complexity are continuing themes in my work.

I work in several different mediums – basketry sculpture, ceramics, drawing and painting. My main pursuit is painting. In my paintings I explore the similarities and inter-connectedness between the human body and the landscape.

My practice is to document the site by photographing and drawing on canvas boards. It is important to capture the essence of the environment in a literal way. I then abstract these ideas and transfer the images onto stretched canvases using oil paints.

 In my latest work “Body as the Landscape”, I use the drawings from my life drawing classes. I enlarge the scale and focus on parts of the body rather than the whole. I explore the similarities and interconnectedness between the human body and the landscape.

 I explore fractals (a natural phenomenon found in nature) in my basketry sculptures. The form is built by using natural raffia and I create patterns using stitch. Like fractals, there are rhythms within the seeming randomness of the sculptures.


0412 106 642

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