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Driftwood Pendant (rocks) (9)
4 Pendants (chalk paint, natural light).
Earrings (shell)
Bronze Pendant (timber)
Bronze Pendant (blue) (5)
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North Westerly LR.jpg



Carollyn Rhodes-Thompson is a local West Australian artist and teacher of 40 years. She was born in the country town of Lake Grace and spent her childhood in the nearby town of Lake King where she started painting after an accident where she almost lost her left foot. . Her inspiration comes from her childhood country background, where the land and lakes extend as far as the eye can see and from extensive overseas travel.
Colour, texture and the use of light are very important elements of her paintings as they create the sense of space, atmosphere and mood Preferring to work predominantly in acrylics and mixed media, Carollyn enjoys layering the paint intuitively to gain a 3D effect so that one is able to enter into and move through the semi abstract landscapes or abstract images.
Carollyn gained a Bachelor of Education in Art from Sturt CAE, South Australia studying under internationally recognized artist , Thomas Gleghorn and continued  studying for her Post Graduate Diploma in art under the guidance the late West Australian artist, Elizabeth Ford.
She has sold and  invites commissioned  works locally, throughout Australia and internationally, exhibiting regularly including Art Melbourne, Wild Twig Studios in Fremantle, Churchlands SHS  and SubiARTco to name a few.
She has enjoyed many artist in residence contracts including Wild Twig Studios in Fremantle and ten months at the Parmelia House Studio in St Georges Terrace, Perth.
Some of her works of art are on display in several display homes around Perth and can be viewed and purchased through interior designer Lorena Ongaro-Anderson at lorenaongaroandersondesign.
Through Subiartco Carollyn facilitates drawing and painting workshops on a weekly basis and weekend workshops specifically designed for individuals or corporate bodies.
Carollyn has recently confirmed her position as artist in residence in the West Australian country town of Beverley, east of Perth, during February and March 2018, where she will be working within the community and exhibiting her new works at the 50th Anniversary of the Beverley Annual Easter Exhibition.


0421 523 464

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