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Guest Artists

Subiartco is proud to have hosted guest artists in our main gallery, adding a diverse array of art to our space and allowing more artists to showcase their incredible talent.

Annette Appleby


Annette is a Western Australian Artist and Art Teacher with a passion for ceramic-based design, textures and colour. She has developed a range of decor items to be used with essential oils to enhance your home and yourself. Annette has also released a range of other decor items including original paintings in a variety of styles.

Yani Mengoni


Hello! I’m Yani, and I’m a freelance Surface Pattern Designer and Illustrator.I'm originally  from Argentina but now living in Perth, Australia with my husband and 3 children. Ever since I can remember I’ve loved to draw. I love to create colorful and beautiful designs. My Designs are always created by hand before adding colour in illustrator or photoshop, this makes them perfect for textiles, homes goods and stationary products. 


My creative purpose is to produce products with a fun, fresh and feel-good design. I am constantly inspired by nature and the simple things of everyday life and I love working from my home studio in Perth. Most days I can be found at my desk happily drawing pictures.


I am proud to sell my own collection of  Yani Mengoni Designs products in my online store, including my Yoga Mats. I’m a cofounder of Hoopinbag , a unique product in the market, used as a bag, changing room, beach shelter, reading hideaway, etc. Completely designed by ourselves, from my husband's technical drawing desk and featuring some amazing pattern designs by me.You can also find a beautiful collection of house portraits  in my Etsy shop.

Clients include; JOLIKA Shoes, Wild Rain Soaps, Rose Mylk Organic Baby Clothes, Roselie Pastured  Egg, Rosedale Eggs, Wallsource Wallpapers and Murals, Espacio Melange Notebooks.


Thanks  so much for taking interest in my work and  I would love to connect with you about freelance opportunities, licensing , purchasing artwork or to find out more about me!

Ileana Rozitis


My chosen medium is silver. I love its’ lustre, malleability and the way it can be smooth and shiny or heavily textured. I like the “antique” look so I always age my art to give it that look. After studying Art and Design in Bunbury many years ago, I pursued an art career designing and making individual jewellery pieces. This led to a solo exhibition at the Bunbury Regional Galleries as well as exhibiting in various private galleries in the South West of W.A. and Perth.

After many years of jewellery design, I decided to shift my focus to making small, framed silver “pictures” which I hope evoke an idea, feeling or memory in the viewer.

My inspiration is nature, faith and relationships.

  • Every picture is totally handcrafted, therefore please expect slight variations from the images shown

  • Designs can be altered to suit individual preferences

  • Either freshwater pearls or gemstones may be used in each design

  • New design commissions welcome

  • Every picture comes framed in a black or white frame ready to hang or free-stand.

  • Price range $95-$260 depending on size


Beverley Purchase Exhibition, First prize,  and 2 Highly Commended
Morawa Art Awards, Highly Commended
Canning Art Award, Highly Commended
Wongan Biennial Exhibition, Highly Commended
Beverley Art Prize, First prize
Rotary Club of Pinjarra Art Exhibition, First prize


Award-winning Victoria Malone's exquisite and ravishingly coloured crystalline ceramics are exhibited in our main gallery from July 5th.

Victoria Malone
Screen Shot 2019-02-13 at 11.10.38 am


3O9A4238 2.jpg
3O9A4249 2.jpg


Greg Johnston depicts the stylized female form through the use of air-dried clay to create a metallic stone-like appearance. His figurative sculptures are inspired by the beauty, shape and fine lines of the female form, playing with reality to create interest...all while retaining beauty.

Greg Johnston
Ginette Hillman

Ginette Hillman’s artistic practice spans painting, photography and performance art. Her work arises out of an exploration of states of transcendence where form and chaos, embodiment and dissolution, death and resurrection, find passionate expression.
The notion of the artwork as a place of healing underpins her practice. The artefact has an almost shamanic function of opening the viewer to his or her own possibility of transformation. The sheer energy of the work confronts any form of stagnation. Hillman says she is interested in ‘mastering the human journey’ and her works are attempts to unmask authenticity itself.
Hillman’s work wrestles with the fundamental polarity of body and spirit and her large canvases can be viewed as sites of an existential and sacred battle. The colour surfaces accrue a palpable charge and the final brushstrokes appear at times as valedictory scripts, at other times as lyrical way stations on a journey of metamorphosis.
Hillman was the 2015 winner of the Kalgoorlie Boulder Art Prize Award for Excellence in 2D painting for the painting ‘Polarities’, a serious indicator of success for an emerging artist.
Recognising Ginette Hillman’s formidable talent, Ian de Souza initiated a long-term mentorship and the two artists painted side by side during 2016 with de Souza encouraging forays into brilliant colour. Hillman attributes the shift from a largely monochromatic palette to the bold ease she has developed with colour to this time with the prolific Fremantle artist.
In July & August of 2017 Ginette Hillman will stage her first solo exhibition at The Glass Studio at Replants in Fremantle. Titled ‘From Scared to Sacred’, the exhibition will be open to the public on Saturday 29th July,  following this will be available for private viewing for the month of August, by appointment only.
Written by Jennifer Kornberger

Jennifer Sulaj


I left St Kilda in 1993 and moved to Dunsborough where I began my artistic journey.  I now live in Perth and have a studio at P.S.A.S. 22 Pakenham Street, Fremantle. I graduated in 1997 from Edith Cowan University, Mount Lawley, as a Bachelor of Visual Arts (Painting Major, Printmaking Minor).  In 2013, I was selected as a semi-finalist for the Doug Moran National Portrait Prize for my portrait of Marianne MacKay, Aboriginal Activist.  In 2015 I graduated from Ikon Institute as Art Therapist with Advanced Diploma of Transpersonal Art Therapy.
I have held several individual exhibitions and also been included in numerous group exhibitions.  My latest exhibition, ‘Zero’ was at PS Art Space, Fremantle, December 2016.
My practice as an artist is centred on painting and drawing. The influence on my art process is ‘Automatic Drawing’.  Automatic drawing is a process where you draw with no plan or conscious control.  This allows the subconscious to express itself through mark marking.  This technique gives me the perfect opportunity to free myself from traditional ways of working, to take a fresh approach and develop my own unique style.
I found this style a liberating and wonderful way to produce rich, satisfying abstract artworks.  This process was first used by the early modernist artists, Paul Klee and Wassily Kandinsky.

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