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Karen started painting 10 years ago when living in NZ.  Upon returning to Australia, Karen has mostly created semi-abstract landscapes and some abstract artworks.

Karen’s inspiration comes from waterways and beaches that surround the coast-lines of Australia.  She uses different mediums to create textural components forming shapes and adding tone, colour takes a priority when creating the composition.   Tonal value is very important, light and depth is used to form shapes adding flow to the painting. This allows the viewer to use their imagination creating an image in their own mind of what the abstract work might be. She hopes a connection is formed once the painting is viewed.  Karen starts her composition with various thoughts, but as the journey goes forward, the finished work quite often takes on different forms.  This is the beauty of Karen’s semi-abstract creations, it comes from within her heart and soul and takes you to different places allowing the artist freedom of expression. 

My mobile is 0423 456 373 - I also have Facebook and Instagram.

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