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'YING YANG' 160 x 70 cm
'TEXTURES OF A MARRIGE' 120 x 140 cm
'O' YES 101 x 101 cm
'CONCEPTION' 101 x 101 cm
'HAROLD' 140 x 120 cm
'MOMENTUM' 160 x 400 cm
'SUN' 120 x 101 cm dlm
'INFINITY LYRICS' 160 x 70 cm
'CEONG JU' 160 x 70 cm



Born in Zimbabwe, Demi’s childhood was characterized by open space, freedom to roam and the stimulation of the natural world.

Her early years were spent on a tobacco farm and game reserve in Zimbabwe and Malawi respectively. A magical time where her creativity and imagination had free rein to develop naturally without the regular constraints of a modern childhood. This freedom and independence forged an imagination driven by creativity with no real limits.

The powerful raw material and her experiences embedded a lifelong interest in drawing, painting and sculpture that stems from these unusual childhood experiences.

Demi travels widely and this is reflected in the richness, scope and concepts of her canvases. She has garnered an international following with her work currently residing in private collections in over 12 countries.


Creative Process

Demi’s work incorporates a wide range of dramatic and unusual materials, paints and finishes with elements such as pure gold and silver leaf, bitumen and even wedding dresses, giving lustre and a depth to each piece. The work is always archival and easy to maintain and distinctly hers.

Inspiration can come from a fragment of cloth or traditional and modern mediums; ideas can come from museum visits or memories and stories from her childhood or travels. As each piece develops and evolves, ideas escalate on the canvas, which usually develop ‘a life of their own’


Background and Inspiration

Enjoying the commercial side of the business Demi has both run galleries and represented artists. always the innovator, she had the first ‘pop up’ gallery in Perth before the term was coined and created ‘the art lounge’ in Bahrain, which was both a gallery and a meeting space, bringing an entirely new concept to the Persian Gulf.

Living abroad and travelling provides regular inspiration and disruption to her thinking; her work is influenced by African, Western and Middle Eastern art as well as European Classical art and sculpture. These diverse experiences offered Demi the opportunity to learn about the culture, the people and to incorporate these influences into her work.

Demi studied Interior Design at the Regent Academy in London. Always interested in the application of artistic concepts, the course she chose had a focus on arts (rather than design).

Demi has always been fascinated by the technical side of painting and studied in Florence with Zecchi, exploring gilding, glazes, oil pigments and archival techniques as seen in her recent work. She spent time in Istanbul researching rug design and whilst living in Bahrain worked with Fareed Bu Qees, an Imam and artist, who tutored her for 18 months. Studying with American sculptor Michele Karam reignited her passion for three-dimensional work.


0410 710 701

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