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Thanks to the generosity of QUBE Property Group, SubiARTco was able to occupy a total of seven temporarily vacant showrooms on Wexford and Sheen Streets in Subiaco.  We filled every bit of these spaces with our art and delighted in activating each one into a unique and vibrant art gallery, from April 2017 to September 2021, when the last showroom at 67/12 Sheen Street was sold.

During these years we exhibited our member’s own original artworks ranging from acrylic, oil and pastel paintings, photography, basketry sculpture, glass art and jewellery.

We also had regular Guest Artists some painters and others who work in a range of diverse mediums. Two SubiARTco artists also gave painting classes in some of our spaces.

We held themed exhibitions and raised donations from our sales for St John of God Hospital and Headspace WA in our Subiaco galleries.  We also exhibited in locations such Hamptons City Beach and in Point Fraser Perth for a 14-month residency.  We currently have some work on display and for sale in Caleb Restaurant & Bar, Subiaco.

As we leave our final gallery, we thank QUBE for the wonderful opportunity to have such long-term spaces for our artists to show and sell their work directly to the community.

SubiARTco artists will be on the lookout for other premises and exhibition locations. Until we settle somewhere, every artist has contact details on our website.  Any of us can be reached if you are looking for a particular style, a piece of art you have seen previously in one of our galleries or a commission to suit your needs. We will announce any new events on our website, Facebook and Instagram accounts.

We also thank the community of Subiaco and all the art lovers we have met through our galleries for their support over these years.

Screen Shot 2021-03-16 at 5.36
Water Holes - Glass by Philomena Design.
Narelle Manser-Smith
Lindy Midalia
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gabriela himstedt front page.jpeg


Please contact us for further information. We look forward to hearing from you.

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